Media Hosting

Video Encoding & Delivery

More than Encoding

Making sure that your video content is playable on any device at the best possible quality is a problem difficult to scale. Our Managed Video Transcoding provides you with a simple platform to easily convert material to a wide range of different formats based on your business needs.

Device and codec support

Encode your videos using 3GPP, H.264, MPEG-1, VP8, Theora or Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) to ensure they play on whatever device you want to support.

Simple Pricing

Only pay for the length of the video you are transcoding. No hidden fees on storage, rented servers or bandwidth!

Advanced Features Simplified

We provide you with a wide range of tools and options including video thumbnail generation, watermarking, image spritemaps creation, intro video creation and the clip cutting.

No Project too Large

Our platform is battle-tested to handle the most challenging projects. We enforce No File Size Limit and have the resources for you to batch-encode 1000s of videos with a short deadline.


Our hosted platform is constantly updated, making it easy for you to support new devices and new video codecs. We will adapt to any market changes for you.

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