Managed Security

Beyond Firewalls

Professionally Managed Security Solutions

After many years of operation in the hosting industry, ISPRIME has developed an array of security-specific tools to combat any and all online threats. Using our experience from dealing with a wide range of security issues, our developers created multiple IDS systems for different attack vectors. Developed in-house, these IDS protections are rarely thwarted by hackers. We employ operating system, software and web application security professionals, as well as DDoS-savvy network engineers to cover all areas of security. PCI-Compliance, hardening, and penetration testing/security auditing are available at specific management levels. Please contact us for more details.

DDoS Mitigation & Protection

We consider every attack unique, thus our engineers will consult with you and your team to identify traffic patterns and gather attack information, in order to fulfill your needs. Our experts can handle both network layer and application denial of service attacks. We have developed many different tools and system configurations based on past situations.

Managed Firewall

From local iptables/ipfw/pf to frontend web appliaction firewalls - ISPRIME can suit all your firewall needs and will actively manage your firewall rules.

Intrusion Detection & Monitoring

We've developed custom IDS systems to actively monitor and detect backdoors in operating systems, as well as your web application code.

Security Audits / Recommendations

Our security experts can perform a number of different audits. These include auditing your content for malicious malware, backdoors and known vulnerabilities. We can also audit wordpress versions and plugins, and scan for known vulnerabilities. We'll even customize your penetration testing needs on your web applications, utilizing the methods of our trained security professionals.