Support Contract Updates

Dear Customers,We are writing to inform you of upcoming changes in our pricing for managed services. You may be aware that we have not made any pricing adjustments to Managed Support for several years.We have strived to provide our customers with the best possible services at the most competitive rates. In support of t... Read more Case Study: Managed WordPress Hosting

It’s not everyday that a startup WordPress blog makes it into the top 1,000 websites in the world.

Such a feat requires skill, hard work, and proper hosting infrastructure. had to overcome several obstacles to reach serving well over 20 million people per month.

Having 100,000 people on your site at the same time cannot be handled by just any hosting solution.

Leveraging the expertise of the ISPRIME team, and its managed hosting solutions, helped achieve success.

Read the Case Study to learn more >>

Server Builder Online

You can now customize a bare-metal dedicated server to your needs.Single or Dual Processor; 12 or 96 GB RAM; SSD or SATA – the choice is yours!Check it out @ Read more

Virtual Private Server / Virtual Dedicated Server

Our virtual server is not your ordinary $5 linux instance. We don’t just hand you a space in the cloud and wish you luck. Ours come with full systems & software management, security, and 24x7x365 live support. We are your around-the-clock sysadmin, your dba and hosting guru. We’ll help you get your website where you want it to be. Use us, our experience and expertise to make your business better. Learn more at!

10 Reasons Infographic

A fast-growing number of organizations are leveraging the Internet to reach their customers. Finding the right hosting provider is extremely important. Factors such as performance, cost, reach and customer service all play a part in the decision making process. Check out this brand new infographic to see why many busin... Read more

Network Insight & Monitoring

Venezuela experienced a major nationwide power outage today. The extent of the massive outage is illustrated by the sudden drop in Venezuelan internet traffic, as picked up by our network monitoring technologies. The graph measures ISPRIME’s total traffic to Venezuela (excluding CDN). The different colors represent dif... Read more

The Key to a Faster Website

Today’s Internet users want everything now now now! How do you make your website faster and at the same time reach a global audience? Read the white paper about CDN and find out how one can help boost your business. Read more

Managed Hosting Cost Comparison

In-house IT staff or managed hosting? In the next two years, you can either pay $900k or $140k for hosting and infrastructure management. Find out how going with a Managed Hosting Solution can save you well over $500,000 over 24 months. Read the white paper. Read more

Business Case for Managed Security Services

In light of recent events, we urge all businesses to pay closer attention to their security needs. Security must be kept a top priority & maintained at all times, day-to-day. Today’s threats are more sophisticated than ever: from exploits and injections, to a wide range of DDoS attacks. Stay safe, you can’t afford not ... Read more

Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug

A major vulnerability in OpenSSL had been disclosed on April 7th, 2014. This vulnerability has been nicknamed “Heartbleed”. All ISPRIME-managed servers were immediately patched. No customers were affected. We take pride in making sure all of our managed customers are protected against such software bugs, having been at... Read more